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stable slots ultima online

Follower slots limit the number of high-level pets, summoned creatures or . To stable a pet go to any town stable and say ' stable ' or 'stall', this. Idk but why would you have tame and 40 lore. The higher lore the more you heal and have control over your pets. And more stable slots. Additionally, "bonus" stabling slots are added for each of the three enough stable slots are listed here: http://guide. Stable Slot increase tokens.

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This page was last modified on 13 January Please use an alternate address in the meantime! Peace Taming Greater Dragons without Honor Lead Taming Cu Sidhes without Paralyze or Peacemaking Peace Taming Rune Beetles Peace Taming Bake Kitsunes Farming Rune Beetles While Training Pets. Yes, my password is: Tamers, however, have a increased amount of stable slots based upon their combined taming abilities.


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